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Monochromatic Magic Black, White, and Silver 70” Long Wrap Necklace by Monkey’s Mojo

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Monochromatic Magic Black, White, and Silver 70” Long Wrap Necklace by Monkey’s Mojo


Southern statement necklace meets the fun and easy wear of light weight and cool glass. Inspired by the fun and festive beads thrown off Mardi Gras floats, this necklace is the perfect touch to complete any outfit.


Limited 1 or 1. We couldn’t replicate this necklace if we tired.


Materials Used:

11/0 Assorted Silver and Black Glass Beads

8/0 Assorted Silver Metallic and White Beads

4.5mm White Glass Pearl Beads

4.3mm Grey/Silver Glass Pearl Beads

8mm Grey/Silver Glass Pearl Beads

4mm Iridescent Glass Beads

8mm Grey Faceted Glass Beads

8mm Grey Faceted Glass Beads

5.8mm Clear Faceted Glass Beads

6mm Clear Faceted Glass Beads

6mm Silver Tone Metallic Metal Beads 

4mm White Glass Beads


6.5mm Opalite Disc Beads

6mm Black Round Glass Beads

4.3mm Black Round Glass Beads

8mm Simulated Blue Striped Agate Round Bead

Silver Tone Metallic Crimp Bead 
Nylon (non-stretch) String


*Necklace measures approximately 38 inches in total length. Sits/Fits closer to 19 inches.


Handmade in Jackson Mississippi, USA.

Please be aware that each product is handmade and unique. Because of this, each product may vary slightly from the photos.

All products are handmade in my shop and some items featured are made to order.

If you have any questions, please message us.

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