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Monkeys Models - Monkeying Around for Peace

Monkeys Models - Monkeying Around for Peace 


Here are Monkey's Mojos we know how smart our primate friends are. So smart in fact, we thought we would get them to model some of our bracelets for us. However, between the fleas and poop throwing we decided that we would have better luck digitally imposing our pieces on to adorable pictures of monkeys we have found on the internet. Sources and credits for the original pictures below. 


Work it! Crawl for me baby!

Check Out that Paw Action! 


Sadly we do not know the names of our digital muses, so we have decided to name them for the fictional selves they will be in our made up blog universe. 


We shall named this stripped baby Mercedes. 

Why? Because our ADD brain saw strips, thought stripper, and Mercedes sounds like a good stripper name. (Sorry to anyone named. Mercedes who is not a stripper. And if you are a stripper named Mercedes, we love your name.)


Today Mercedes is models our Orange You Glad for Peace and Oranges Rainbow Bead Bracelet. 

Show our model some love and buy this fun peaceful peace piece today.



Please note, the bracelets are not to size on the monkeys. We lack the knowledge of primate wrist sizes to accurately scale our bracelets on our digital monkey models. We should probably get with Jane Goodall. 


No monkey's were harmed in this digital modeling shoot. We do not know if they were paid in fruit. We assume so.  








Bracelet Design: Monkey's Mojo

Photo Source: Befunky - Chikilino by Pexels and Pixabay 


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