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Finding My Voice - Update and Blog Entry May 20th

Etsy is wonderful. It’s a fantastic platform for so many creative people to sell their beautiful handmade wares and creations. However, as an up and coming creator, I find myself drowning in my own feelings and fear of ambiguity. With so many beautiful creations, pieces of jewelry that are true works of art, how can I compete?

Do I compete with trying to create equally if not strive for more beautiful pieces of jewelry?

Do I focus on sales so I can afford to make pieces that are both equal in quality and splendor?

Do I make quick but quality smaller pieces to boost sales so that some unknown algorithm see me and promotes me to the coveted first page?


I will admit, I do not know the secret to success. So my plan has been to throw everything including the kitchen sink at Monkey’s Mojo, praying something will stick. Pouring my all into making this successful, by using every thought, every means I have available to make this work. To thrive.

But in my quest for success, I don’t want to lose my original purpose in my pursuit.

Monkey’s Mojo is my voice. My unique sound through my art.

I sometimes fear that in my pursuit to make more, sell more, have more inventory, that I have lost my original vision. In trying to compete with all I see, I forgot my core design. My internal style that has been running through my veins since my birth.

Will I continue to make pieces that I think will sale? Absolutely. Will they be completely unique and each piece be a piece of my artistic soul? No. This girl has to eat.

But in my doubt and lack of sales, I have rediscovered my original drive. My voice. My passion. And my original mission. To create beautiful pieces that speak to my style, my vibe, and my heart.

I would like to introduce my newest collection: Monkey’s Voice.

Please, note. This does not mean our other pieces are any less. They are all made with love, hard work, and by my tired but dedicated hands. This collection is my personal style’s personification in bead form.

So with this, I leave a link to my personal collection. The pieces that are an echo of my passion, my desire, and my essence in design.


Monkey's Voice Collection


As always, thank you for reading. To whomever this finds, know you are worth it. That voice and drive inside is your biggest fan, so don’t forget to nurture it.





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